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Peter pummels us with his voice that sounds gloriously like Tom Waits singing through a throatful of steel wool, while Leah sings with a saccharine sweetness, all the time a look of mischief in her eyes. They transform before us into archetypes: To what extent do you think this is true? He was really hard-working but he also partied exponentially harder than I did. If we had plans to meet up I never knew which version of him would show up at the door. I probably made him equally as nervous but he dealt with it by awkwardly showing up to as many of my shows, parties and cafe shifts as humanly possible. Like any creative venture it was a risk, but intuitively it felt right so we kept at it. We just got lucky.


So tell me…how did July Talk become a thing? The band that I was playing in with our drummer Danny fell apart. I had just met Leah in a bar in Toronto and had heard her sing. I was blown away by her voice and just her general aura. From then we started getting together and bouncing ideas off each other. So you said you were in a band before Peter.

Leah, not Rachel, was buried in the family tomb with Jacob, Isaac, Rebekah, Abraham, and Sarah (Genesis ). God’s plan for our lives is in no way based on our worldly standards of comparison. By worldly standards, Leah did not measure up.

Lyrics Biography Upon returning to his hometown of Toronto from a final European tour with his band, Peter Dreimanis sat sweaty and half-drunk in a candlelit basement bar, nursing a drink, debating his next musical pursuit. Lulled in lethargy, he paid little attention to the beat-up acoustic guitar being passed from patron to patron around him; that was until it found its home in the hands of Leah Fay. He sat listening, dumfounded, dreaming up ideas for what could come to be between the two of them.

Clear-headed the next day, he started his search for the stranger from the bar with whom he seemingly shared a soul. He found her; they founded July Talk. Despite their relatively young union, the primary pair behind July Talk has already established its own sonancy: Most special about a July Talk experience, though, is the foiling of Dreimanis and Fay as personas; who they are inside or outside of the public eye and just what it is that exists between them.

Lyrically, the pair plays with the juxtaposition of gender roles and perspectives, distorting social preconceptions. The opposition between the two forces is only heightened when the band brings its buzz-building show to the stage as both Fay and Dreimanis physically exercise their interpersonal demons via everything from bite marks to blown kisses. Even the line between spectator and spectacle blurs as some crowd members in themselves become a canvas for the art being produced onstage.

The sonic dynamics, on the other hand, are equally polarizing, from whiskey-whetted lyrics at the forefront of a few softly-strummed chords to a flurry of frantic shouting, overdriven guitars, and pulsating rhythms.

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Comments “It’s where we live. It’s where we feel alive. Three stages will offer 44 acts over three days. That song has always been really important to the band.

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Sorry, there are no July Talk dates. Together, they write and record, shoot and edit every last second of music and film they put out under the July Talk name. Fundamentally, this creative output is focused on an aesthetic of opposites. Opposites that are easily illustrated by the band’s two singers. Dreimanis from the country, Fay from the city; he a baritone and a show-off, she excitable but circumspect. As it turns out, they almost missed each other completely. He sung like a man 60 years older than he looked.

It’s a weathered, slow-builder that shows off the character of Peter’s voice. She sang like she spoke; confidently and quietly. He tracked her down again and sent her some of his music.

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There was booze, there was bowling, and most importantly, there were bands. Incredible bands, actually, each bringing their own unique offering of electric energy to the stage. One of those outfits was July Talk ; a blistering, confrontational rock and roll outfit from Toronto lead by singers Leah Fay and Peter Dreimanis. On stage the two are manic and mysterious

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Get yourself a band that can send you to the moon. Failing that, get yourself a band that can bring the moon to you. July Talk, in a stellar Massey Hall show, did just that. Their debut performance at the beloved Toronto venue managed to be both special and spatial. Flanked by a planetary backdrop and massive floating moon balloon, they brought an otherworldly spectacle to an adoring crowd. Did that come off as too cute? Blame the band, whose charismatic leads bring a sultry energy to their live sets.

The two bring together Nick Cave swagger and bratty spunk, complemented by a talented band. There was a dynamic energy throughout. The stage was a constant blur of movement and crowd engagement. Peter and Leah would sink down and sing directly to the front row or grasp their hands tightly. They gave themselves to the sound and the audience lapped it up.

So often performances will be defined by one memorable moment.

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July Talk for every season Toronto band play Longhorn’s on Nov. Interviewing Leah Fay of July Talk is like chatting outside on a summer’s day. She’s warm and sunny, even over the phone from wintery Nelson.

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Contributor Read more from this author Suggest a correction to this article The split Just earlier this week, news surfaced that actress Diane Kruger and actor Joshua Jackson called it quits after being together for ten long years. Fans of the long-time couple were sadden to hear the news, but there were a few who saw this split coming.

Jackson and Kruger were spotted together at a birthday dinner just days before the split was confirmed. Still, many saw this coming. Jackson and Kruger reportedly worked this out, but now that they are officially breakup up, fans can’t help but wonder if the two just couldn’t move past the cheating scandal. Are the cheating rumors confirmed? Ten years is a long time to let something like cheating rumors come between them.

Therefore, fans are assuming and speculating what really occurred. Jackson and Kruger might have announced their split this week, but sources say the two have been broken up for several weeks before the news hit social media. It appears as if both Kruger and Jackson have moved on. Not to mention, Kruger was quick to snuggle up next to ” The Walking Dead ” star Norman Reedus after her breakup became official. Reedus’ rep has denied the rumors several times, but photos beg to differ.

Kruger and Reedus were photographed together celebrating Fourth of July. Have both stars moved on with other people?

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Her soon-to-be ex-husband already clapped back. It seems like one of the Georgia Peaches has gone sour on being a reality star, and is looking to leave the show for good. This same reality star is also rumored to be selling her house in Atlanta so she can shack up with her baby’s father — much to fury of her estranged husband.

Of course, we’re talking about Cynthia Bailey.

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I ain’t no man to go back to the king Tight in my suitcase And we’ll see what trouble brings Armor sheet of black so I ain’t convinced Took a trip to the smoke And she hasn’t been back since WOO! Barely dressed, looking for love along the plateau The girls are young, a little dumb And they’re going in alone My voice, it’s all the same tonight You’ve gotta make a choice No need to serenade her now, don’t waste that pretty voice My voice, it’s all the same tonight You’ve gotta make a choice No need to serenade her now, don’t waste that pretty voice – Peter: Yeah, but this is the life we’re living Life ain’t always about forgiving She’s my lady in the summer dress This is the life we’re living Life ain’t always about forgiving 3 – Peter: Yeah, but this is the life we’re living Life ain’t always about forgiving She’s my lady in the summer dress 5 – Peter: The last thing that you’ll see She’ll come looking for me She’ll come looking for me She’s gonna find me on the floor She’ll find me on the floor – Peter and Leah: And this is the life we’re living Life ain’t always about forgiving She’s my lady in the summer dress She’ll find me on the floor!

She’s my lady in the summer dress She’ll find me on the floor!

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