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Abstract Introduction Preconception care recognizes that many adolescent girls and young women will be thrust into motherhood without the knowledge, skills or support they need. Sixty million adolescents give birth each year worldwide, even though pregnancy in adolescence has mortality rates at least twice as high as pregnancy in women aged years. Reproductive planning and contraceptive use can prevent unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortions and sexually-transmitted infections in adolescent girls and women. Smaller families also mean better nutrition and development opportunities, yet million couples continue to lack access to modern contraception. Method A systematic review and meta-analysis of the evidence was conducted to ascertain the possible impact of preconception care for adolescents, women and couples of reproductive age on MNCH outcomes. A comprehensive strategy was used to search electronic reference libraries, and both observational and clinical controlled trials were included. Cross-referencing and a separate search strategy for each preconception risk and intervention ensured wider study capture. Such interventions should address underlying social and community factors, include sexual and reproductive health services, contraceptive provision; personal development programs and emphasizes completion of education. Conclusion Improving adolescent health and preventing adolescent pregnancy; and promotion of birth spacing through increasing correct and consistent use of effective contraception are fundamental to preconception care. Promoting reproductive planning on a wider scale is closely interlinked with the reliable provision of effective contraception, however, innovative strategies will need to be devised, or existing strategies such as community-based health workers and peer educators may be expanded, to encourage girls and women to plan their families.

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Bureau of Mines report, LNG holding tanks failed and released their contents into the streets and sewers and their vaporous cloud ignited and fire engulfed the nearby residents and commercial establishments. Co-Hosts Tim Riley and Hayden Riley dedicate their website to warn America about the many LNG safety concerns, and they want to help protect America from the imminent peril of liquefied natural gas.

Below is a list of commonly used collective nouns for objects, fruits, plants and other miscellaneous things. Some of these collective nouns are very old, dating back to medieval times, while others are fairly new. Tim Riley warns about more dependence on importing more foreign fossil fuels such as Liquefied Natural Gas.

Billionaire Andrew Farkas, 56, has divorced his second wife of 15 years and has started dating a year-old Harvard student,Page Six reported. Farkas, the founder of real estate merchant bank.

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Age is just a number. Never lose your sense of humour. When asked what kept her going, Zohra Sehgal listed humour as one of the things yes, sex was the other thing! According to her, humour makes you see the funny side of tragedy. When she was approached many years ago to do an interview, she told the journalist that she would charge a fee because: Still, in the s, she began working again in British television and films, starting the second phase of her career.

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All profiles are subject to checking by the site’s moderator and won’t go live be visible to others until approval takes place. This is an Arab-Muslim meeting site ; however, unlike some others, it is open to people searching for non-marital type relationships such as friendship or pen-pals. Though it is probably not suited to those seeking casual style dating. They have a good range of search and match features available to help you discover new friends or potentially a new romantic partner.

It allows you to search for non-marital type relationships such as friendship or pen-pals. Finding Matches It is possible, using the advanced search, to find people based on their location, age, whether they have photos, and the type of relationship they are seeking. The site is available in Arabic, as well as English.

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But with Nawazuddin Siddiqui, anything is possible. Busy as he is with a spate of films, the actor can only spare time late at night. And when he does emerge from his room, he looks exhausted. Till a few years ago, few filmgoers had heard of Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He plays the real life character of Dashrath Manjhi — a villager who toiled with a hammer and chisel for 22 years to construct a passage through the Gehlour hills in Bihar, reducing a 75km-long route to a mere kilometre.

When it comes to perseverance, the year-old actor has not been lagging behind either.

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Posted on November 11, by Olikara Tipu Sultan is a fascinating figure in the pages of history. Known just not for his bravery on the battlefield but also for his social reforms, inventions and innovations. A man who would pay attention to every little detail in his kingdom — so how could coinage escape his attention. Tipu brought about many innovations in the coinage of Mysore, it would not be incorrect to say that he revolutionized the coinage system of Mysore.

Before Tipu and his father coins in the tiny kingdom of Mysore were issued on the pattern of Vijayanagara coins and in a very limited variety of Gold and Copper coins. The Gold and Copper coins were styled on the pattern of existing Mysore coins whereas the Silver coins were styled on the pattern of Mughal coins. He not only introduced a great variety and denominations of coins in Gold, Silver and Copper but also changed the dating pattern on them, from the 5th year of his reign the dating on his coins changed from Hijri era to Mauludi era.

In addition he gave his coins unique names. Also, unlike the contemporary rulers of the time and the practice of having the name of the ruling king on the coins Tipu never had his name struck on any of his coins which points to an important characteristic of his personality. Tipu however discontinued the use of having the name of the Mughal emperor on the his coins clearly asserting his independence. Also it must be noted that different regions would have different dates under the lunar calendar.

Getting back to his coins he named his Gold coins after the Prophet and the Sunni Caliphs and his Silver coins after the Shia Imams which again no ruler in the whole of Islamic history from either sect has ever done which points out to his open mindedness and accommodating nature. It has been pointed out by many that he was a Sunni Muslim with Shia leanings to which I would say that he choose to take the best from both sects as he did with his Mauludi calendar by borrowing from the Hindu Calendar and developing his own Islamic calendar.

Tipu Sultan, Gold Ahmadi Tipu also occasionally issued special coinage according to circumstances.

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Gwendolyn Rathbun First published online: January 4, During the state legislative session, lawmakers considered provisions related to abortion; the vast majority of these measures— in 46 states—sought to restrict access to abortion services. This year will be remembered not only because 17 states enacted a total of 57 new abortion restrictions, but also because the politics of abortion ensnared family planning programs and providers as well as critical, life-saving fetal tissue research.

In November, the Court agreed to hear a challenge to a Texas law requiring abortion providers to adhere to the standards set for ambulatory surgical centers and to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. The Court will hear the case in March , with a decision expected in June; it is still considering whether to review a Mississippi admitting-privileges law.

Mar 17,  · Zohra Bouamra-Mechemache, a co-author of the French study, readily acknowledged that the proposed carbon tax on beef has no chance of becoming reality, “not even in .

Under a Creative Commons license open access Abstract Adolescent health care is challenging compared to that of children and adults, due to their rapidly evolving physical, intellectual, and emotional development. This paper is the concluding paper for a series of reviews to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions for improving adolescent health and well-being.

In this paper, we summarize the evidence evaluated in the previous papers and suggest areas where there is enough existing evidence to recommend implementation and areas where further research is needed to reach consensus. Potentially effective interventions for adolescent health and well-being include interventions for adolescent sexual and reproductive health, micronutrient supplementation, nutrition interventions for pregnant adolescents, interventions to improve vaccine uptake among adolescents, and interventions for substance abuse.

Majority of the evidence for improving immunization coverage, substance abuse, mental health, and accidents and injury prevention comes from high-income countries. Future studies should specifically be targeted toward the low- and middle-income countries with long term follow-up and standardized and validated measurement instruments to maximize comparability of results. Assessment of effects by gender and socioeconomic status is also important as there may be differences in the effectiveness of certain interventions.

It is also important to recognize ideal delivery platforms that can augment the coverage of proven adolescent health—specific interventions and provide an opportunity to reach hard-to-reach and disadvantaged population groups. Previous article in issue.

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Zohra Dating Sign Up Zohra Dating Sign Up We connect you with thousands of singles, women and men internationally looking for friendships, dating and long term relationships. Sign up today to browse. Sign up today to browse photo profiles and use chat and email to communicate. You can chat Free with and date a soulmate and love! Sign up today to browse photo profiles and use chat and email to.

Zohra lost vision in her left eye as she contracted glaucoma at the age of one has rented a house in the North Haven area for the girlfriend, who is from Pakistan, and .

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We got to sit down with lead vocalist, Zohra Atash, and get all the details on the Afghan born, ghetto-goth goddess. Jacket by Muubaa Describe your sound in 5 words. Bombastic Tribal Dance-Floor Pop. My common thread is a sort of ultra-disheveled femininity and, well, the color black. I almost always shop one piece at a time so I can mix and match things and get completely different looks.

On another day I might wear ripped up tights with tap shorts and a leather jacket and thigh-high boots.

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Your access brought to you by: Was this review …? Enter your basic info such as your full name, email address and title 5. Enter your gender, age and what you are looking for and it comprises: Black dating sites best online dating sites. A formidable varsity record in a turnaround season re-established girls lacrosse as a dominant program.

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